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Site Management

File Cabinet
The electronic file cabinet integrated into your Web site’s administrative section gives you a convenient way to manage all of the images, files, and data used to build your site. This “remote hard drive” allows you to upload files, create directories, and move or delete files as often as you want—without taking up any space on your computer’s hard drive!

Secure Directories
In the administrative section of your Web site, you will be able to create secure, password-protected directories to safeguard any sensitive information on your site. These secure areas allow you control access to the data and files stored within your site, and provide you with an additional layer of protection from unauthorized users.

Web Site Search Engine
As your online business grows, it may become increasingly difficult for visitors and customers to navigate through all of the pages and information on your Web site. Our Web site search engine gives you the ability to add a search field to any of the pages on your site, where users can type in a word or phrase to describe what they are looking for, and view links to each page that meets their search criteria.

Integrated Map and Driving Directions
Whenever a new local customer finds your business online, one of the first things they’ll want to know is “Where are you located?” Now your customers will be able to use the integrated map feature on your Web site to view a map displaying your exact location, or if they’re unfamiliar with the area, your customers can enter their address and receive detailed instructions that will guide them right to your business.

Calendar Components
The calendar tool in your Web site gives you the ability to create interactive calendars that allow your customers and clients to schedule their own appointments and events online and in real time. This useful, efficient feature will help streamline scheduling, and it will let you spend less time scheduling appointments and more time running your business.